The 2011 Political Parties Expert Survey in Greece

Kostas Gemenis and Roula Nezi, November 2011 - January 2012

The aim of this study is to estimate the ideological and policy positions of political parties in Greece during the ‘Great Recession’. The survey includes expert estimates regarding parties’ positions on general ideological and specific policy scales (Left-Right, social and moral issues, state intervention in the economy, environment, immigration, European and foreign policy, etc) as well as estimates of party leader positions and internal party dissent on the issue of solving the debt/deficit problem. The data are comparable to previously conducted expert surveys on political parties.

The dataset is archived at the Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), Fedora Identifier: easy-dataset:48574.

You may download the report here: The 2011 expert survey report

Political attitudes in Greece

A panel study, conducted in 2015 measuring political attitudes, including electoral turnout and voting preferences. The datasets also include data on attitudes on a wide range of issues, evaluations of the economy and a range of survey experiments on issues related to the economic crisis. The datasets are archived at GESIS-Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

You may download the dataset here