Why The Polls In Greece Got It Wrong Why the majority of the Greek polling companies failed to accurately predict the outcome of the elections?

Griechenland: Die Neuwahlen stehen bevor. Viele Parteien, doch keine Lösung? An interview discussing Syriza’s coalition strategies, the refugee crisis and the extreme right in Greece.

2012 Greek (2nd) Parliamentary Post-Election Report A short report of the 2012 national election in Greece.

Economy and emotions, Makedonia, (In print only) An article on how sensational politics overtook reason during the economic crisis.

SKAI News, 1st January 2017. Discussing the implications of the Brain-Drain during the economic crisis in Greece.

Skai Radio 100.3, Christina Vidou Commenting on the problem of Brain-Drain in Greece

TV 100, “Polis, Politis, Politiki “, 12th June 2015 Panel discussion on the developments in Greek politics during the economic crisis (2009-) and the changes at the Greek party system after the victory of SYRIZA in 2015.

Macedonia, “Back to bipartisanship” by Vagellis Plakas, 06 October 2014 Discussing the implications of the economic crisis on party choice in Greece, who the crisis transformed the Greek party system and how left-right ideology lost ground while political issues such as the economy, the bailout agreements become more important determinants of party choice.

Macedonia, “From a political earthquake to political fragmentation” by Vagellis Plakas, 9 June 2013 Discussing the role of the economy on the results of the first elections during the economic crisis in Greece and on the new dimensions of economic voting such as the bailout-out agreements and the role of the EU in the economic reforms.

THE ATHENS REVIEW OF BOOKS, Issue 30, June 2012. From Laos to Golden Dawn: Reasons for supporting the radical right in the most recent elections. Vasiliki Georgiadou, Anastasia Kafe, Roula Nezi, Kostis Pieridis. (In print only)