University of Surrey

Research in Practice (POLM011) SS

Research Methods (POL2028) SS

Econometrics (POL2045) WS

Companion Website for modules in quantitative methods: www.roulanezistats.com

Electoral Systems and Voting (POL2046) SS

University of Konstanz and Cologne Business School

Empirical Social Research, Cologne Business School, WS 2016 Radical right parties in Europe, University of Konstanz, WS 2014 Political representation in Western Europe, University of Konstanz, SS 2014


ECPR Course on Age-Period-Cohort models

22 February-1 March 2019, Bamberg, Germany

This course is designed to give participants a deep knowledge of Age-Period-Cohort (APC) Models. Those are models that help social scientists to examine whether time-varying changes in social and political phenomena are due to the biological and social process of aging (age effects), social or economic factors, for example, an economic crisis (Period effects) or due to the unique experience of a group, for example children socialised under an authoritarian regime (cohort effects). What makes the analysis of those effects interesting and methodologically challenging is the so-called “identification problem”; The age-period-cohort conundrum refers to the problem of separating the effects of age, periods and cohorts. Upon completion of the course participants will have an understanding of the identification problem in the study of aging and cohort analysis and an understanding of the different methods developed to overcome the identification problem. Participants will also be familiar with the limitations of these methods and will also be able to know which method to use depending on their own research question.

ECPR Course on Survey Design

2-9 March 2018, Bamberg, Germany

This course introduced students to the theory and the practicalities of survey design. The course used the Total Survey Error scheme as the main theoretical framework and based on that discussed survey sampling, mode selection, question and questionnaire design, fieldwork implementation; non-response and data archiving.

Introduction to R 5 days seminar 30 May 2016 to 3 June 2016 Centre for political research, Panteion University of Athens, Greece

The course covered the following topics: Terminology used in R such as objects, data frames, packages, functions. How to install packages. How to install and use R Studio. How to read, save and export data. Basic statistics. Graphs with R (Basic graphs, ggplot2 and interaction terms). Regression analysis and diagnostics


Module III: Reforming the financial and monetary system Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems 2017 (Vienna, July 26 – August 11, 2017, in English) From theory to practice: Greece and Iceland. The political and economic situation of Greece and Iceland. (Public event)